An appeal should be handled by an attorney who has appellate court experience.

A successful appeal requires that procedural rules be followed. Timeframes and brief requirements must be met and followed. Handling a successful appeal requires the right kind of legal research and the best skills to persuasively argue your case. It is worthwhile to win and I can help you do that. Not only do I have extensive experience doing appellate court work, I have also never lost an appeal.

An experienced and successful appeals attorney knows your case and the law.

Knowing the facts of your case, properly researching existing law, writing a well-structured and persuasive argument and providing a well-reasoned outcome to the appellate court justices wins an appeal.

I can assist in your appeal even if I did not handle your case below.

If you are not satisfied with the attorney who represented you before the trial judge, you can retain me to handle your appeal.

A timely Notice of Appeal must be filed.

There is a time limit on being able to appeal your case. If you have any questions about whether you can or should appeal, contact me for a free consultation.

If you are involved in or considering an appeal, contact our office at 708-459-8234 to schedule a free initial consultation.




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