Civil Union Dissolution

In 2011, the Illinois Religious Freedom and Civil Union Act became law in Illinois. Civil Unions confer upon the couple the same state rights and benefits previously only available to married couples.

Illinois legalized same sex marriage in 2014.

Should you be considering entering into a civil union or marriage, you may consider the benefits of also having a pre-civil union or premarital agreement.

Should you be considering divorce, the same rules and statutes that apply to a dissolution of a marriage in Illinois apply to a dissolution of a civil union. Child-related issues are also subject to the same rules and statutes that apply to children of a married couple.

We can help you understand and work through any issues that arise for your family joined in a civil union.

If you are involved in, or considering, a civil union dissolution, contact our office at 708-459-8234 to schedule a free initial consultation.





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