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My practice is focused exclusively on family law issues and cases. I can offer you the guidance you need when you need it most. My experience and commitment to help you so that your whole family can get through a difficult time will benefit you, your spouse and your children. I believe that you are entitled to efficient but effective legal advice. I focus on the big picture and will give you options with that in mind. My goal is to educate you so that you can make the best decisions possible and be in the best place possible after your case is resolved.

I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign both as an undergraduate and I have a degree in mathematics, and as a law student at a time when UIUC was ranked in the top twenty law schools in the country (1984 to 1987).

My initial work experience was first at Baker & McKenzie in Chicago working on complex litigation and then at Ancel, Glink, et. al. doing general litigation work. During those early years, I gained extensive appellate court experience with never a loss at the appellate level.

During those years, I also practiced family law and I decided that, after a brief break from work, that I would specialize in family law issues because of the ability to make real differences in the lives of my clients and their children.

Unlike some family law attorneys, my practice offers the ability to provide wide services that some firms need outside help to provide such as drafting QDROS and recording of property deeds. When complicated financial issues arise, competent research is necessary to successfully advance the arguments in court that best respect your situation and history. My experience allows for persuasive and well thought through motions and briefs to be presented to the court on your behalf. I also have a very thorough understanding of procedure and discovery rules which can mean getting through the process more quickly and cost effectively.

Our office will represent your interests with respect to:

  • Premarital or Prenuptial Agreements : A premarital agreement will be customized for you. Avoid protracted divorce litigation. Safeguard your estate plan. Avoid the need to negotiate a division of your property upon divorce. Premarital agreements need full disclosure and clarity and are enforceablein Illinois. Pre-civil union agreements afford the same benefits as a premarital agreement.
  • Civil Unions : If you are in a civil union and need a dissolution, I can help you.
  • Divorce : A divorce is difficult emotionally but is also a very important financial transaction that must be done right the first time. It is very difficult if not impossible to fix mistakes. Important decisions involve finances (income and debt), property division, child custody- now allocation of parental responsibilities, child support and maintenance (alimony).
  • Child custody : Illinois law has made sweeping changes. What was ‘custody’ is now allocation of parental responsibilities and that includes decision-making and parental time (visitaiton). The best interest of the children is the primary concern. If special issues exist, there are ways to problem solve so that your rights as a parent and your children are protected.
  • Custody and support modifications : Changes happen. Illinois law now computes support based on statutory guidelines that look at both spouses/parents’ income. I can assist you with post-dissolution modification or changes to parenting agreements when a modification of custody and support orders is needed.
  • Collaborative practice and mediation : Individuals considering divorce have options through collaborative practice and mediation that can avoid the cost and acrimony of protracted litigation. Neutral help involving divorce mediation or a team-based approach involving collaborative practice may best suit your needs. I can explain the options you have to move forward with divorce issues as a whole or in a more limited way .
  • Divorce Mediation : Mediation is an efficient and less expensive process designed to help people reach the best agreements for them when separating or divorcing. As a trained professional mediator, I can assist you in obtaining the information you need to stay focused on the issues that must be resolved in order to separate or divorce as amicably as possible.

A Client-Focused Legal Practice

When families are dealing with divorce, child custody or other emotionally difficult issues, staying informed can make navigating the legal process a little easier. Unfortunately, many family law attorneys fail to educate their clients, who feel like they are being “kept in the dark” when it comes to the status of their case, their options, potential outcomes and the legal process generally. In my practice, I focus on providing every client solid legal representation with an empathetic approach. Good communication is important. An informed client is empowered to make informed decisions.

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