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Divorce is never easy. Besides the emotional issues related to ending the marital relationship, divorce raises a host of other issues and questions including:

  • What do we do with our bank accounts and when?
  • Who will pay the bills during the divorce?
  • Should I or my spouse move out of the house now or later?
  • What will happen to the house?
  • When do we have a conversation with our children?
  • How will my children’s best interests be protected?

These are significant questions and the answers have long-lasting effects on all involved. Every divorce case is different and every client has different needs and goals. It is important for your attorney to be attentive to your individual situation. Contact The Law Office of Jennifer A. Pritz or call 708-459-8234 for a free initial consultation.

As an experienced attorney, Jennifer A. Pritz ,understands that what you are dealing with is difficult, frustrating and emotionally draining. Experience, compassion and integrity is needed in handling all divorce cases. I will take the time to get to know you and your particular story.

Comprehensive Divorce Services

Understanding that every divorce is different, I provide a variety of legal services to meet the varied needs of my clients:

Property and Finances

When a couple divorces, questions about finances and property division often arise. For instance, if finances were previously handled by one spouse, the other spouse may wonder how bills and expenses will be met and how joint bank accounts will be addressed. Where there is significant personal property, real estate or debt, determining how these will be divided equitably is a central concern. As your divorce attorney, I can provide you with objective advice and sound counsel regarding the property division aspect of your divorce.

Children: Custody and Support

Divorce can take a significant and long-lasting toll on children. This must be avoided as much as possible. First, parents may have difficulty knowing how and when to explain to their children what is going on, and children may not fully understand why their parents’ marriage is ending. Tools are available to set-up a framework agreement that provides structure and guidelines to guide parents through issues that will arise in the future. I understand what is at stake in divorce cases where children are involved. With compassion and empathy, I will guide couples through difficult issues like child custody – now allocation of parental responsibilities, child support and support modifications, always keeping in mind the best interests of the child and the vigorous protection of your parental rights.

Other Divorce Issues

I provide men and women in the Chicago area with sound legal guidance on other issues involved in divorce, including:

  • Maintenance (spousal support/alimony): Illinois law has changed dramatically in this area and it continues to change. I help clients identify whether maintenance is appropriate, and if so, provide a realistic assessment regarding the likely amount that should be paid, duration and terms of payment.
  • Leveling the playing field: Should you be unable to afford an attorney, and there are marital funds in accounts or because your spouse makes more than you, your spouse should “level the playing field” by providing funds that will help you pay your attorney’s fees.
  • Post-judgment petitions: Where difficulties persist or arise after your divorce, I can assist you to resolve these issues in a way that protects your rights.
  • Orders of protection: Where domestic violence or abuse is involved, I will advocate on your behalf to obtain an Order of Protection and help ensure its enforcement. On the other hand, if you are the victim of unfounded allegations, you need to be protected against such an order.

Honest Advice During Difficult Times

In every case, I strive to develop and maintain a good client relationship. This involves not only providing high-quality legal advice but also giving you an honest, realistic assessment of options and sound recommendations. If you are involved in, or considering, a divorce, contact my office at 708-459-8234 to schedule a free initial consultation.





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